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Product Safety

EPTA members invest significant resources in ensuring that their products are safe when used properly. Safety is of paramount concern in the design of power tools all of which, by definition, have the capacity to cause harm to the user if improperly used.

In Europe, the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) identifies the essential health and safety requirements for power tools and is, together with product safety standards, the key element for EPTA member's product designs.

Metabo - Cordless Power Tool - EPTA Member
Metabo - Cordless Power Tool

EPTA Members are actively working towards safer designs with reduced vibration hazards for the user. Tool and machine manufacturers and suppliers are obliged by the Machinery Directive to design equipment which will reduce vibration risks to as low a level as possible, making use of the latest technology. Over and above complying with these standards, EPTA members invest considerable resources in the development of advanced technology and innovation to minimise vibration.