Rechargeable batteries

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Cordless power tools are the fastest growing sector of the power tool industry because they provide safety and convenience at the job site.

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Energy & Resource Efficency

The power tool industry is highly competitive and innovative. As manufacturers, EPTA members consistently look for ways of reducing their energy use. Their R&D facilities all take account of the rising cost and security of supply of primary raw materials, especially rare earths and minerals, when designing new products.

Power tools use minimal energy and any potential improvement in energy efficiency is outweighed by both the costs of achieving it and the additional use of critical raw materials needed.

EPTA's 2011 study showed that a typical power tool designed for use by professionals will use less than €20 worth of electricity during it's life time.

Mafell - Plunge Saw - EPTA Member
Mafell - Plunge Saw