Product Responsibility

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EPTA members invest significant resources in ensuring that their products are safe when used properly. Safety is of paramount concern in the design of power tools all of which, by definition, have the capacity to cause harm to the user if wrongly used.

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Lithium-Ion Battery transport

Li-Ion Batteries are classified as dangerous goods in international transport law and have special regulations for carriage. Batteries with an energy content over 100Wh are more heavily regulated. EPTA have produced guidelines for battery transportation which can be found below. Batteries and chargers used in cordless power tools put on the market by EPTA members are developed in accordance with stringent IEC safety standards. They are tested according to the relevant legislation. They utilise the standard 18650 cell which has been proven over  more than ten years in more than a billion pieces. They feature a number of safety devices which protect in transit and in use. 

Guidance Document ZVEI-EPTA December 2020

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